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History of the Israelites: Did the Curses of Musa (PBUH) come to pass?

To make the history of the Israelites easier to follow I am going to build a series of timelines describing their history.  We start the history of the Israelites by placing the most recognized prophets of the Bible to the time of Isa al Masih (PBUH) in a timeline.

The Most Recognized Prophets of the Bible

This timeline uses the Western calendar (and remember this is all BC or BCE dating).  The width of the bars shows how long that particular prophet lived.  Ibrahim and Musa (PBUT) are important for their Signs which we have looked at already.  Dawood (or David – PBUH) is recognized because he started the Zaboor and he was the first King of a dynasty that ruled from Jerusalem.  Isa al Masih (PBUH) is important because he is central to the Injil.

Living in Egypt as slaves of Pharaoh








We see in the green period that the Israelites had been living as slaves in Egypt.

Living in the Land - but no King in Jerusalem

Living in the Land – but no King in Jerusalem

7 thoughts on “History of the Israelites: Did the Curses of Musa (PBUH) come to pass?”

  1. This is very interesting and shows that God really has a covenant with Israel.
    Iam convinced and i believe the word of Almighty Jehova.
    Do we really have prophets as of old that hear from God.
    Not those that say one thing today and change the next day when things turn the other way.
    God is gracious and i deeply love him and believe every word that came out of the bible.

  2. Please show some respect to others, don’t be arrogance or ignorance. Learn some more to make you a better believer.

  3. Oldest never ever mean it is correct. don’t compare the timeline lets talk about the faith that is mention in all books is about one and only single Allah.. do you believe in 1 Allah???

    1. Hi Syed. A Very Good question

      The Prophet Musa (PBUH) wrote in Taurat:

      Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God,

        the Lord is one

      . 5 Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.

      The Prophet Isa al Masih quoted this as the most important of all commandments.

      The letters in the Injil repeat the same. Here is from Paul

      For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus

      There is only 1 Allah. All the books agree on this

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